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Are Novobeads bracelets and beads compatible with competing brands?

Yes, Novobeads bracelets and beads are designed and tested for compatibility with all major brands including Pandora, Chamilia and Trollbeads. The only exception is our anchor slides, which are designed to clamp tight to the bracelet and may not fit some other brands of chains.

What makes Novobeads different?

All Novobeads are made in America using the finest quality materials. Our team of award winning artists has handcrafted each design with American themes in mind. Our philosophy of design is Fresh American Style™.

What size bracelet should I wear?

To determine the proper fit, measure your wrist and add approximately 1 inch (2cm). The additional inch will allow the bracelet to fit comfortably once beads are added.

How many Novobeads fit on a bracelet?

A 7-inch bracelet chain will typically hold 15-20 Novobeads comfortably, while the 7-inch bangle will hold 10-15 beads. This will vary, depending on the size of the beads you chose. Each ½ inch step up in size will accommodate roughly 2 more beads. A full bracelet is just one look – you can also design a bracelet with a smaller number of beads and use anchor slides to keep them in place.

Why does Novobeads use cubic zirconia instead of glass like other brands?

Cubic zirconia (CZ) is a beautiful synthetic stone that is most like a diamond in appearance. It can actually outshine a diamond in terms of clarity and dispersion (the rainbow effect of separated colors). Glass beads lack the brilliant sparkle of CZ, and can break much more easily than CZ, which is nearly as hard as a diamond.

How do I know I am getting authentic Novobeads?

All authentic Novobeads are stamped with our Signature N. If you are unsure, look for the N before buying.

How do I clean my Novobeads bracelet?

To clean silver and gold beads, simply use a dry, soft silver polishing cloth. Do NOT use silver polish or any harsh chemicals. Chemicals found in pools, hot tubs, polishes, or salt water will adversely affect the oxidation in the silver. To clean your cubic zirconia (CZ) or semi-precious stone beads, we suggest using a small amount of liquid dishwashing detergent and water.

How do the anchor slides and safety chains work?

The anchor slides are designed to keep groups of beads from sliding around your bracelet. They are especially important if you choose to keep only a few beads on your bracelet. When added to the end of the bracelet, anchor slides will also keep beads from sliding off when you remove your bracelet.

The safety chain adds another level of security, ensuring that your bracelet will not slide off your wrist, even if you inadvertently open the clasp. The safety chain has an end with a single loop and an end with a double loop. Slide the end with the single loop on first, then add all of your beads to the bracelet. Now place an anchor slide between the double loops on the safety chain and slide this end on last, followed by a clasp.

What makes Novobeads clasps unique?

The patented Novobeads clasp is designed to be as beautiful as all the beads in our collection, blending in perfectly on your bracelet. We recommend you watch this short video to see an easy method for attaching Novobeads clasps using just one hand:

How do I adjust my bangle if the clasp has become loose?

Roll one end of the bangle over the clasp end while gently pushing outwards. This will make the clasp fit tighter while still retaining the shape of the bangle:

How do I put on the silk wrap?

Lay your Silk Wrap on a flat surface and place your wrist on top, palm down. Loop each side over, underneath, and over your arm again. Flip your wrist over and tie the remaining lengths in a double knot.