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Beads & Bead Bracelets from Novobeads

Made in America using the finest materials from around the world, our beads are compatible with all major interchangeable bead bracelets, including Pandora. With over 300 unique beads that evoke your memories or celebrate your passions, adding a Novobead to your bead bracelet is like adding a page in the diary of your life.

Fresh, alluring and always beautiful, our beads are designed by artists using premium materials from around the world and finished by hand in America. Sterling silver, 14K gold, freshwater pearls, brilliant cubic zirconia, rich earth-toned amber, Swarovski crystal, and a vast collection of precious and semi-precious stones provide a range of styles and colors to match any emotion. Channel the artist inside you to create unique and personal necklaces or bead bracelets that showcase your spirit and individuality. Welcome to Novobeads.